Curriculum and Treaty Education

After reading this article I felt as if I got a strong feel for how difficult it would have been to create the curriculum. There are so many arguments and debates that could be made as to why or how the curriculum should be and what it should consist of. For that reason, I believe it is important to have a higher power in the education system to make those final decisions on what should make up the curriculum. Otherwise, there would never be a concrete curriculum to teach. I do enjoy how each provincial government is granted the freedom to create their own curriculum. This way, many ideas are put to action. With that being said, I would like to see more collaboration between provinces in Canada to share what are the best ways to get the most out of our students. If more collaboration were to take place than it is likely we would all have more tools as educators to get the most out of our students.

I have to say, after reading this article I am extremely satisfied with how curriculum policy decisions are made. “Teachers of the subject will often be in the majority, with representation from postsecondary subject experts as well”. (pg, 17) I agree with the teachers being the majority of curriculum policy decisions simply because they are the ones in the classroom with the kids. So it makes absolute sense that their input should be the strongest.

I also am extremely satisfied with what the article had to say about what shapes these decisions. The article states “Political leadership will take account of expert opinion, but will inevitably take much more interest in public opinion and particularly the views of opinion leaders in key sectors or constituencies”. (pg, 18) I really like how the government takes into account the general public’s opinion. To me, the general public that is giving their opinions would be the parents of the students. I firmly believe that having the parents input on this matter combined with what the experts say is necessary, will make up a great map of what we should be teaching our youth in schools. Another positive with this is that the families of these children will be put at ease knowing that they’re getting a proper education.

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