Kumashiro: Against Common Sense

After reading this article on “common sense” by Kumashiro, my understanding of common sense has differed than previously. This article really helps the reader understand that common sense primarily has to do with where you are from, your background, your community, even the way you are raised. Simply, every body’d common sense will be different because every body’s background is different. In the text, the author travels halfway across the world to become a teacher in Nepal, he quickly realized that their common is much different than someone’s from North America. Simply because of the living conditions they are accustomed to in Nepal. The example I really liked that the author used was the part where one of the students brought up a stick to be used to punish another student by hitting them with it. Just that simple gesture proves how different our way of life is compared to those in Nepal.

That thought then leads me back to my future teaching. In my career I am 100% sure that I will encounter dozens, if not hundreds of students that come from different backgrounds and societies as of those in the text. This reading definitely reminds me that as an educator I need to be mindful of others backgrounds and the differences that we may or may not have grown up in. As an educator it is my goal to be diverse in the classroom and be able to connect with each student no matter where they come from and no matter what conditions they have grown up in. This wont be a simple task, but I do believe it is an achievable one

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